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Alaska Legal Service's Pro Bono Training Academy (PBTA) can provide support for successful pro bono advocacy.  In 2016, the PBTA will begin to roll out legal webinars, will create and update library resources such as templates and sample briefing, and will create a mentor system matching those who want a mentor with experienced attorneys in specific subject matter.  Contact Sarah Carver, PBTA Project Coordinator, at to learn more about this exciting new program!   


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2017 Call-to-Action: Food Stamp Advocacy (NEW!)

Alaska Legal Services Corporation Pro Bono Training Academy

Issue: The SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) aka Food Stamp program is experiencing critical and illegal delays in processing applications and renewals. The delays force Alaska’s neediest families to go without food. The client intake on the problem has reached a critical mass and ALSC is recruiting pro bono attorneys to immediately help address this important issue.

What you can do: We are finding that a little bit of advocacy goes a long way in the SNAP delay cases. We are asking that the pro bono volunteer community come together so that SNAP delay cases can be dealt with quickly and efficiently to avoid further delay for our clients.

How ALSC will help you: ALSC recently held a webinar on this topic with nationwide leader in SNAP advocacy David Super. The webinar is recorded and will be made available to pro bono volunteers. Additionally, ALSC has an in-house expert on food stamps who is willing to answer any questions and give suggestions on how to handle the case, if needed.

Why this is a good way to volunteer: ALSC will be handing off straight-forward SNAP delay cases. The SNAP cases are limited to those in which the clients have not received a decision on their benefits application within the time required by law. The law and facts in these delay cases are clear. Many of these cases are unlikely to go to hearing, but if they do, Fair Hearings are a great way to practice litigation skills.

Get involved: ALSC NEEDS YOU! If you are interested in this call to action, please email Sarah Carver at By signing up, you will be put on a pro bono list for this specific issue. ALSC will go through the list as more cases come through our door. You will be approached by Laura Goss, ALSC Pro Bono Director, when a case is available. We hope that this process will minimize any further delays for our clients.

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